1. Who do I contact if I have an issue with the mobile application?

Customer service can be reached by calling the store directly or using the Contact Us under the More tab located in the bottom right hand corner of your mobile app. Specific store contact details can be found under the My Store section in the mobile app. My Store can be found by clicking My Account under the More tab.


2. I forgot my Sign-In password – How do I get back into my account?

If you forgot your password, getting a new one set up is easy. From the homepage, select the “Sign-In” tab. Then select “Sign-In with Email” and you will find the “Forgot Password” option located directly beneath the password field. Select the “Forgot Password” option and then provide the email address you used to create your account. When finished entering your email, tap “Send” and an email will be sent to that address with a reset code. A new screen will appear on the app to enter the reset code provided and your new password, complete those sections and select send, your new password is now set up


3. I have an account but I don’t have my phone with me, can I still redeem my digital coupons from my account at checkout?

Yes. It is possible as long as you have put a phone number as part of your set up profile on your account. Adding your phone number can be easily accomplished on the mobile app by typing 10 –digits in the details section under My Account. We recommend using your phone number for quick access to your account


4. How do I get back to the Homepage screen once I’ve navigated away from it?

From any screen, just click on the Home tab located in the lower left corner of your mobile app.


5. What is “My Card/My Rewards” barcode? How do I create a “My Rewards” barcode to save coupons?

My Card/My Rewards is a digital ID that is automatically generated at sign up. The “My Card/My Rewards” barcode is to be shown to the store cashier at checkout. The cashier will scan your personalized barcode to redeem your digital coupons that you have loaded to your account.


6. How can I view the weekly ad for my store in the mobile app?

You can access the stores weekly ad by selecting the “Weekly Ad” tab located at the bottom of the app screen. Please keep in mind that you may be prompted to select a store prior to viewing an ad. Also, if you have lost your online connection, it may take a few moments to reestablish a connection.


7. Are the same digital coupons available on both the desktop experience and the mobile app?

Yes, you can add coupons from the “Coupons” section of the mobile app located at the bottom of the home screen or in the more menu screen. From the website, select the coupons tab located in the header of the screen


8. Can I change/edit my email address or communication preferences in the mobile app?

To change this from the mobile app, select the “More” tab and then “My Account”. Under “Account Information” your current email address will be displayed, simply tap “Change Email Address” and it will display the screen to input a new email address. Then select “Save” to complete the request. Please note this will also change the email address that you would use to log into your account


9. How do I select My Store on the mobile app?

If you did not make this selection during the registration process, simply tap the locations tab at the bottom of the home screen. Locate your desired store from the list displayed and then select “Make This My Store”


10. How do I change My Store on the mobile app?

From the Home Screen select “More” and then “My Account”. Under the “My Store” section select “Change Store” and then select your new store choice from the available options.


11. What is a digital coupon? How do I use the coupons listed on the mobile app?

A digital coupon is similar to a paper coupon – only easier! You can find all kinds of digital coupons on the desktop site and the mobile app. The featured coupons can be found by selecting the coupon tab. They can be loaded directly to your account and will be applied to your purchase once your “My Rewards” barcode is scanned and your unique 11-digit ID or phone number is entered at checkout on qualifying purchases.


12. Can a digital coupon be used multiple times?

Digital coupons are intended for a one time use and cannot be redeemed more than once unless specifically noted as a multi-use promotion. Once they are redeemed, the coupon will fall off of your account.


13. Can I add paper coupons to my mobile app by scanning them?

No. Instead we offer a wide variety of digital coupons that are easily accessible from the mobile app and desk top website


14. Are Internet coupons or paper coupons accepted in addition to coupons listed on the mobile app in the same transaction?

It is possible for you to redeem both paper coupons and digital coupons from our app in the same transaction as long as the offers terms are different. Please check with your store for their coupon policy and limitations.


15. Are competitor coupons accepted?

Please check with your store for their coupon policy and limitations as they reserve the right to refuse any coupons at their discretion.


16. If coupon(s) exceeds the value of the item will I receive cash back?

Coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will be adjusted to provide the maximum value, but will not exceed the price of the item to result in cash back.